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How to choose a meaningful Gift

I´m gonna help you to find the perfect present

What are you searching for?​

To get the best gift ideas for friends and family, you need to know what you are searching for.

Who is it for?

Is it for a kid, a teenager, an adult, a friend etc.

For what Event or Reason?

Wedding, Birthday, Party, Anniversary etc.

What are his/her Interests?

What are his/her hobbys, fan of something or insiders?

How do you want him/her to react?

Should it be funny, cute, wholesome or helpful?

Unique Gift Ideas

Many people are not creative when it comes to gift ideas and don´t know what present they should give there friends, partner or family. To get good gift ideas you have to think about the person it is for. The gift can be different depending of the persons age, interests, gender or your shared experiences. There are many diffrent gifts for many diffrent events, interests and persons. It´s hard to choose the right gift with so many possibilities and aspects you should think of. On this Website are many options like events, special persons and interests, to help you find the perfekt gift for every person. Check out my Blogs if you want more information about for exampel how to choose a gift.

DIY Gifts

Another, more personal thing are DIY Gifts. Do It Yourself Gifts can show that you care about them or can be funny in any kind of way. ABeautifulMess got many exampels for DIY Gifts, but your creativity and imagination are free. If you think about the points from ´What are you searching for?´ you should get a good a first picture of something you wanna make. If not here are some more exampels at DIYCozyHome. On my YouTube Channel DIY Gift Ideas will be tutorials soon about making special Gifts.

Gift ideas

Below are diffrent Categories listed that should help you to find the right present for friends and family. 

If you need more help finding a right gift, read the blogs below.

Gifts for a Special Person

Event Gifts

More Content coming soon…

About US

Hello, my name is Micheal Ketler and I made this Website because of the great time making these Gifts and the many funny storys that came from giving them the present. So that other People get inspired to make amazing Gifts.

With much fun making Gifts for Friends and Family, I made many different, mostly funny and sometimes weird Gifts. I enjoyed the reactions they got and always thought about how I want them to react while making the Gift.

One of my craziest Gifts were when I just randomly brought a microwave to a Birthday because last time I was there she told me she has no microwave and I had to eat my Nachos with a cold cheese dip. 

I hope you got Inspired for some new Gift Ideas.

 Michael Ketler

Something missing? Any Suggestions or Questions?
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