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How to choose a Gift

3 Steps to the best Present

1. Step: Who is it for?

If you want to choose a gift, you have to think about the persons hobbys, needs, friends, job and more. Everything you know about them could help you. Is it your brother, sister, friend, partner, co-worker, parent or are you just invited to the party and don´t really know him? Think about this question and you should get a more specific idea. If you know the persons interests and more it´s much easier to choose a gift and you can go to the next step.

2. Step: What Massage do you want the gift to have?

Should your gift be funny, helpful, cute or something else? With the right present you can show the person that you care about them. Because of that put effort and thinking in it, by choosing or making it by yourself. There are many massages brought by gifts and it is up to you to dicide what the persons reaction should be like. Take time thinking about funny insiders, cute compliments or personal memorys. Also consider to make a small postcard to your gift to make it more personal (specially if you bought something) and it can cause a better reaction by the person the gift is for.

3. Step: What should it be?

Another improtant think to consider is, do you want to buy something or Do It Yourself (DIY)? This point can improve the massage you want to get but also reduce it´s meaning. For example if you want a very personal gift for you partner you shoudn´t buy him something useful. Your Partner will be still thankful but it is not the massage you wanted. Another but rather small thing that could be a problem is your money. If you are a student and don´t want to spend much money, the gift could be small or selfmade. That is nothing dramatic, in fact many of my personal gifts are selfmade and most of the time they liked it much more than stuff they could buy by there own. So you don´t need a deep pocket for a gift, but you could also make a gift and buy a little extra to it.  If you have time, make a list of ideas and collect ideas over time and lisen to what the person mentioned.

3.1. Step: Buy something

Go and search for your idea in the internet or supermarkt. I got many suggestions for diffrent topics, persons etc. below if you wanna check out my proposals.

3.2. Step: Do It Yourself (DIY)

To craft a good DIY gift you can watch videos on YouTube, you can go throug Pinterest, Reddit DIY and much more. You can see how others make stuff by there own. But you can also just go ahead and try something and if doesn´t work try again. At least that´s how I always made my gifts. 

personal Gift
choose a gift

Personal Tips and don´ts for a succesful gift

  • Don´t pick the first thing you see
  • Please don´t give them money alone, at least make a card to it
  • Give it a personal touch (funny, cute, handsome, wholsome etc.)
  • Take time (if you got any)
  • (Check out my recommendations below) ;D
Party gifts

Party Gifts

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